We are a Creative Connectivity Company If you can’t work out how to get connected, or you need faster connectivity, get in touch today.

When traditional connectivity
we help where others can't.

Rapid Installation

Internet connectivity in hours not weeks

Next Day Connectivity

We can send one of our CloudCases next day to provide connectivity. Just plug in and turn on.

Event Connectivity

Internet Access for Events & Exhibitions

Diverse Connectivity

High bandwidth Internet Connectivity using Cellular and Satellite.

Bridging The Install Gap

Internet connectivity whilst you wait.

Connecting You Whilst You Wait

We provide temporary connectivity whilst you are waiting for an ISP to physically install or activate a new broadband line.

Improving Poor Connectivity

Internet Connectivity Enhancement.

Improving Your Internet Connectivity

We combine cellular with your existing broadband to improve internet speed and reliability.

Connectivity On The Move

Internet Access Wherever You Need It.

In Vehicle Installations

We can install internet access in Campervans, buses, cars and yachts.

Keeping You Connected

A Backup For Your Existing Broadband.

Backup Internet Connectivity

Keep your staff, phones & credit card machines connected when your primary internet connection fails.

What Have We Done?

What Makes Us Different?

We take
the time to understand your connectivity challenge

So what you get from us is exactly what you need not what our shareholders would want you to buy

We explore every conceivable option to come up with a solution that’s right for you

We’ll refuse to sell you a product or service unless we’re sure its what you need (or really really want).

No matter how hard or crazy a challenge (or how fast you need it), We NEVER EVER GIVE UP

There is always a way to solve a challenge, and we simply won’t give up until we have found it.

How We Do It

We're All About Partnerships

We partner closely with suppliers & customers.

Hands on Innovation

Our workshop is an Aladdins cave of kit and cable and tech full of possibilities.

Brutally Honest

We’ll tell you the truth – always – even if that means we lose a sale.

Obsessive About Solutions

We call it ‘the rabbit hole’, it’s where you’ll find us when we’re looking for a solution.

We're Agile & Innovative

As an intentionally small company we can act and react faster to opportunity.

We Question Everything

Just because its always been done that way – doesn’t mean it’s the right way to do it.

Superhero Levels Of Support

We’ll be there when you need us. We’re fanatical about support.

We Educate First & Sell Second

We love to share what we know and teach others how to do what we do.

and more...

From Cellular Connectivity, to Offgrid IP CCTV & Power, and everything in between.

If you have a project you need help with – get in Touch Today

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