Ferociously Passionate About Connectivity

Ferociously Passionate About Connectivity

FT2G Final

Last night was the final of the Fast Track 2 Growth programme, an event held in the innovation centre at Exeter University, where all 15 finalists and their friends and family gathered to watch each other present their final pitches to the judging panel (you can see our pitch here).

As a finalist ourselves, we have spent the past fortnight applying as much effort and focus as we could muster to position ourselves to be in the best possible chance of winning. We’ve completely rebuilt our website, smashed away at social media like possessed monkeys and I even had my haircut (yes it truly was that serious).

Deserving Winners

You might have gathered from the tone of this post so far that Slingshot6 didn’t win this years FT2G – no friends, the winners this year were Greg and Ginny from Virginas Vintage, an awesome vintage furniture hire company based in Honiton.

Their presentation was as beautiful and timely as the furniture they hire, and they have built a really successful business that is ready to burst across the nation and beyond. A more fitting business to win an award for growth – with the associated trappings of professional services from the judging partners, would be almost impossible to find, and Greg and Ginny are both really lovely people to boot. In the end (and with hindsight) I really do think the judges backed the right company this year.

Licking Our Wounds

I suppose it is natural to become a little introspective at a time like this, and as we’ve returned to our desks today it would be fair to say that our collective sails have been slackened a touch by last nights loss. We had hoped I think that FT2G would have been the trade wind that pushed us into the next stage of our own personal and commercial growth, (and realising I’m wringing far too much out of this metaphor) we have instead today found ourselves adrift wondering where and when the next wind of opportunity will come from.

William Arthur Ward

Preparing For Growth

Disappointing though it may have been to miss out on winning FT2G 2017, it has been a really useful and powerful process for us as a company. Its helped us focus our business strategy, sharpen our products and services ready for their imminent public launch and its done something even more important. Its reminded us about how passionately we believe in what we’re doing.

Ferociously Passionate About Connectivity

Solving Connectivity Challenges isn’t just a catchy phrase, its what we do everyday, and when we do that – when we reconnect businesses and their staff and their products to the internet, when we get businesses back online after unexpected outages (sometimes connecting them for the first time with reliable high bandwidth connectivity), or show them how they can connect new products and services and things to each other and their customers – that’s when the magic happens.

That’s when our customers win, when they grow, and when they excel at what they do. Being responsible for a small part of that success, ready and able to help these businesses where others can’t or won’t, and solving challenges that others simply don’t want to consider – that’s the real prize we are all chasing here and why we started Slingshot6 in the first place.

Its a passionate desire to make businesses better through the use of connectivity, and when we do that – everybody wins.

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