New Website – Fresh Start

New Website – Fresh Start

Stopping and Thinking Is Good

We were recently nominated for a business growth programme called Fast Track 2 Growth organised by Astley Media here in Exeter, and over the last few weeks and months we have been attending seminars and coaching sessions as part of the program to help us refocus the business and prepare for our next stages of growth.

I have to admit that I was dubious at first about the programme. I suppose I had pigeonholed it alongside other courses I had seen online for business development and marketing – the ones so wet and dripping in jargon and ‘modern’ business speak that you can’t understand what they are trying to achieve.

I am relieved to say that FT2G had non of that nonsense. Instead we have had days jam packed with really interesting speakers and useful topics – from marketing and PR to patent and copyright law with everything else in between.

One of the most impactful sessions was on ‘Telling your Story’ and messaging in general where we were all collectively pushed to realise and understand – at a corporate and personal level, why we started our businesses in the first place and what’s important to us all as individuals.

Why we do what we do?

When we boiled down all of the reasons why we started Slingshot 6 and what we want to do with it the results were surprising – not because they were unexpected, but because the reasons were so simple. We all just wanted to Solve Connectivity Challenges.

Admittedly we all want to solve them in different ways. As the technical lead, I’m always looking for the most elegant technical solution, Andy in his role as the commercial lead is always looking for clever commercial approaches to deliver solutions and Sarah who leads the operational side just wants to bring order and efficiency to everything we do, but combined that’s a really powerful thing – and that’s where our magic lies.

Why is any of that important?

You’d hope and expect any organisation to push themselves to deliver innovation all of the time, but the reality is that most don’t or can’t. They don’t empower their people to solve challenges efficiently and so they can’t innovate fast enough.

In Slingshot 6, we all hold the power of veto. I don’t let a product or service go live unless I’m happy with it technically, Andy will kill projects dead and send us back to the drawing board if they don’t work commercially, and Sarah throws everything back at us both that isn’t operationally supportable. The end result is that what we do provide has already been through multiple sanity checks before it even gets in the hands of the first customer, and yet we have all had the opportunity to be innovative in our approach to the parts of the solution we’re responsible for.

The future is bright

What Fast Track 2 Growth has done for us, is help us understand just how powerful that is, the ability for us to innovate freely and to value that power of veto rather than get frustrated by it. It’s what makes us unique, its what makes our solutions powerful and its what keeps us honest with ourselves and our customers, and it’s what will act as the foundation of our growth over the next few months and years.

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