Internet Connectivity & GPS tracking for the Mongol Rally

Internet Connectivity & GPS tracking for the Mongol Rally

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Project Description

The Challenge

The Rainbow Dash team contacted us to ask for assistance in staying connected during the Mongol Rally 2017, a 30 day 10,000 mile rally across 19 countries in a ridiculously small car.
They wanted to be able to share photos and videos of their trip as they progressed, and use cloud storage to keep their memories safe. They also wanted to be able to share their GPS location with friends and family (and emergency services if things got messy).

The Solution

We built a custom CloudCase for them with integrated battery that can run the CloudCase all day. It uses a clever uninterruptible power supply module that allows the case to be charged when connected to the car accessory power (only available when the ignition is turned on), which meant that not only would they not be able to run their main starting battery flat, but they could also remove the CloudCase from the vehicle and use in in Hotels or carry it to higher ground and call for help if they broke down in a not spot.

Their Route

Its all about Cellular Data

Perhaps the biggest challenge though was providing SIMs that would enable them to connect in all the countries they were visiting. We managed to source two SIMS with data at prices that didn’t make our collective eye bleed covering the following countries:
SIM 1 provided coverage in: United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, & Russia.
SIM 2 provided coverage in: Iran, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, & Mongolia.