Promotional WiFI on Buses

Promotional WiFI on Buses

Project Description


We were approached by a media company who were working on the Launch of the Magnum Pink & Black ice cream range.

As part of that launch they had vinyl wrapped 5 double decker buses in london and wanted to add free Magnum WiFI for a three month period.

The challenge was that the nature of the Bus routes and timings meant that installation time was very limited – less than 30mins per bus, and yet they wanted to use enhanced antennas and DC power regulation to guarantee service.


We designed and built 5 custom mounting boards with integrated wiring looms, antennas and power regulator that the multi-cellular router was attached to. This modular approach to the install, enabled the whole board to simply be installed and provided with power – which took less than 10mins.


We provided full remote monitoring and management of the wifi solution – including gps tracking and bandwidth / availability monitoring. This enabled us to inform our customer of not only when one of the buses when offline but why (in one instance the bus was in a garage getting its engine serviced).