Redundant Internet Connectivity

Redundant Internet Connectivity

Project Description

Devon Disability Collective asked us to improve the reliability of their internet connection at their factory and show room location.  Although their main internet connection was a good high bandwidth fibre link, it did occasionally suffer outages, which affected their ability to process online orders from their eCommerce site.

Our immediate reaction was to install a cellular router to act as a backup to their existing fixed line, but then we stopped and considered all the options.

Looking at what other connectivity was available at that location, we realised that they could get another fibre connection from a different ISP, and best of all we could request that connection be routed differently to the existing connection. That gave them ISP and cable path diversity which covers most of the reasons for outages on fixed line installs.

Then, as a final tier of backup, we showed them how they could tether their android LTE smartphone to their primary internet router to give them cellular fail-over if the two main lines failed.