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Where do you need to use the CloudCase and/or Data?

Wait What!?

You’re a technology company and you don’t have online ordering? What gives?

Here at Slingshot 6 we solve connectivity challenges, frequently complex, tricky, frustrating challenges – after all that’s why you need us in the first place right?

We want to make sure that what you order from us is exactly the right solution – that its going to work for you wherever you are, and make sure that you get the right combination of products, data and services from us.

To do that we need to gather some information from you using this form, then we get on the interweb and check for coverage in your area, check the geography and cell tower locations to see what sort of antennas you might need, and we double check what fixed line broadband services are available too. Then we’ll give you a call and talk you through the options.

No pressure sales, no commitment, just us having a chat to see how we can help.