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Live HD Video Internet Streaming for Real Life First Person Shooter Level 2

[vc_message]This article has been re=posted from my personal blog and was was originally written when I was working in the role of Peplink’s Global Solution Architect.[/vc_message] I’m on the phone with Peplink partners and resellers all the time – helping with the design and support of some great and frequently challenging projects all over the world. In any given day I might be supporting an emergency services mobile cellular deployment in Brazil, a bank M2M deployment for ATMs in the US, [...]


Portable SD-WAN Over Private Networks

SD-WAN is about Internet access right? No not always… If you were to listen to most marketing information about SD-WAN you would think that it is designed to work purely on public internet links as that is probably the easiest application to explain, and just about anyone can understand the benefits of using multiple internet links of different types from different ISPs to provide resilient internet and site to site VPN connectivity. Private networks can be used for SD-WAN too. However the [...]