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SMEs – is there a future?

As the info nerd, and the one who pushes hard for a defined business strategy in our small business, I am fascinated by how many SMEs there are in the UK and what their survival rate is.  I want to know what lessons we can learn from others, and what pitfalls we should try to avoid. SMEs are an integral part of the UK’s economy, with over 99% of all of Britain’s businesses classified as small or medium.  Although there [...]


How to reduce VPN latency over Satellite links

The challenge of VPN over satellite and other high latency links I was working on a case recently where a Peplink customer was trying to get the most out of a Satellite Internet link they had connected to a MAX HD2 cellular router. First step of course was some speedtests: Speedtest.net Speeds directly over SAT (no PepVPN) This is naturally variable but generally we see 10-14Mbps Down and 3.5Mbps Up @ 710-760ms latency Depending on the time of day this can be much lower. [...]