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Portable SD-WAN Over Private Networks

SD-WAN is about Internet access right? No not always… If you were to listen to most marketing information about SD-WAN you would think that it is designed to work purely on public internet links as that is probably the easiest application to explain, and just about anyone can understand the benefits of using multiple internet links of different types from different ISPs to provide resilient internet and site to site VPN connectivity. Private networks can be used for SD-WAN too. However the [...]


Free Peplink Captive Portal Splash Page Template

If you are deploying Peplink multi wan devices with captive portals then take a look at this new design for an external Splash Page. Free Wi-Fi on Public Transport I have been working on a large number of Wi-Fi deployments for public transport recently (mainly using HD2‘s and BR1‘s) to provide free public Wi-Fi hotspots. In these deployments the end customer is often a big Brand who are offering free Wi-Fi to enable them to put an advert in front of [...]