DIY Broadband for Devon Villages?

In the local news this morning was a piece on a row between BT and a local lord over telegraph poles ruining his view which has left an entire village without superfast fibre broadband. It said that most of the work to connect Upton Pyne near Exeter has already been done, but the project has been delayed after BT and the Earl of Iddesleigh failed to agree on whether telegraph poles could be used across his land. Lord Iddesleigh said [...]


New Website – Fresh Start

Stopping and Thinking Is Good We were recently nominated for a business growth programme called Fast Track 2 Growth organised by Astley Media here in Exeter, and over the last few weeks and months we have been attending seminars and coaching sessions as part of the program to help us refocus the business and prepare for our next stages of growth. I have to admit that I was dubious at first about the programme. I suppose I had pigeonholed it alongside [...]